The Way of the Warrior

The Discord and Twitter Trading Communities are unlike any other trading communities in the world. We scream and we yell and we pound the table all day long going rabid for every inch of every candle on every chart. The main words in our vocabulary are "fuck", "printer", and "glizzy", all of which sounding absolutely idiotic in regular conversation. For some odd reason, we are most pissed off when nothing is moving. A flat day is a bad day, a red day means shorts and puts, a green day means longs and calls. I despise that flat day, make me bleed or make me print you asshole. However, in this chaotic hellhole of a zoo, there is a brotherhood of savages and knights that are formed. The brotherhood keeps the communities afloat. We push each other to new heights and help each other out of deep holes. We provide guidance and differing perspectives giving a greater knowledge of every stock, commodity, and currency. We teach each other new forms of technical analysis making us all better traders. The reason this brotherhood is so important and why it needs to stay intact is because as the knights learn more, they are able to pass that knowledge down to their followers and so on.

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