Power to the Coins

Y'all want to talk about Bitcoin or what? We broke 60K!!! That's crazy! I remember back when I was 14 in high school and bitcoin was like $500 and me and my friends would just fool around with it and buy online game and such. Little did we know that if we would've held all those Bitcoin, we'd be millionaires today. Now I don't want to only talk about Bitcoin, even though if you are in my server then you are currently holding a MARA call which follows Bitcoin, because I also want to talk about HOGE Coin. Shoutout to Mr. Handz of the DiamondHandz Discord for giving me this one, I'm glad to call him one of my brothers. Now HOGE Coin is up over 500% since I last mentioned it, and I don't see the momentum of this coin slowing down. Is it a meme coin? Most likely. Is it going to catch? From my knowledge, yes. Am I invested in it? Lightly. The creators of this coin are working very hard to get it on social media and out to the public so I'm happy to support this future meme coin. Another coin that need to be talked about is DOGE Coin. Now this feisty little cracker is all over every message board and social media page. But is it just a meme coin, or is it now an actually form of currency? Well, Elon Musk heavily backs the coin, though he has not disclosed if he currently has holdings in the coin. And Mark Cuban is now accepting DOGE as a form of payment at Mavericks games! This is a huge step forwards for the coin as it fully gives the coin a utility. Hence why Tesla accepting Bitcoin for cars is such a big deal. I believe all this movement into crypto has the do with the massive inflation we are about to see around the world, and due to the rise in space tech and man settling in space being at our finger tips. I'm very excited to see the future of these coins. Next time...NFTs!

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