March Madness & SafeMoon?

The Market: This was a crazy week in the stock market. We saw some crazy ups and downs as well as a battle between the bulls and the bears to end Friday afternoon. We saw some of the largest liquidations out of the market too from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, liquidating over $15 billion worth of stock from varying companies and sectors. However, even with the large liquidations, the market went on an absolute tear with the bulls winning the weekly battle. Alt-Coins & Crypto: So in the past week, we have seen some crazy cryptos come to market. SafeMoon, Elongate, Mando, FoxFinance have all seen a ton of hype from Tik Tok and the Twitter community. I am personally not involved in any of the coins, but it seems like our very own Matt Lorion has holdings in all of the above. These cryptos work in weird ways, giving payouts to other HODLers when people sell, however there seem to be some major problems with hacking which has caused people to lose insane amounts of money. I am personally starting to acquire a new coin called UPCO2. UPCO2 is a crypto backed on a 1:1 basis with carbon credits. A carbon credit is a permit that allows the company that holds it to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. One credit permits the emission of a mass equal to one ton of carbon dioxide. Carbon Credits are one of the only ways Tesla stays profitable because they are able to sell the credits they don't use to companies that emit more carbon dioxide. With more green companies coming into the picture, I could see this increase alongside the value of carbon credits (which will increase in value over time). March Madness: (Courtesy of @PuckPicks) With all of the chaos and weirdness in sports this year, it’s no surprise that March Madness has been one of the most upset filled in recent history.  The average of the seeds of the Sweet 16 teams was the highest it has ever been, at 5.9.  Baylor, Arkansas, Oregon State and Houston have all punched their tickets to the Elite Eight this weekend.  Highly ranked teams like Michigan, Alabama and Gonzaga will be looking to avoid the upset today and move one step closer a title.  Based on what we’ve seen so far, Gonzaga looks like the best team by far but don’t sleep on the 12-seed Oregon State.  They have been the hottest team in college basketball and look like they can beat anyone right now.  Can’t wait to see how it all shakes out! GIVEAWAY!!!

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