Blog Post 3: Chips and Dips and Market Rips

Is this the dip we've been looking for? Or is this the start of something much more disturbing? The market pulled back hard but rebounded very well. The US Senate confirmed a $1.9 trillion stimulus package with $1,400 being sent to every eligible American. This should act as a nice short term pump into the market but I don't think it will be long lived. Stimulus will be fun for a bit. Swing traders like myself may be able to ride out a week or two of inflow on a bull run, or what could happen is people actually start to realize inflation is a very real thing that you can't deny (Yellen is a twat). Gas prices are up over 400%, milk prices rose from $4.00 to $6.00, and bitcoin is being adopted by every major institution. We are starting to see a rise in a new type of sector as well, a blockchain and crypto-mining sector. SOS Unlimited, Riot Blockchain, Marathon Patent, and now Cipher Mining with the announced merger with Good Works Acquisition. This isn't an indicator of inflation, but it is an indicator that people are becoming less reliant and less comfortable holding the US Dollar (and other standard currencies.) Some good news arising is that states are beginning to open back up and we are starting to see job numbers go up again. This is completely against President Biden's orders, but the red states don't care and neither do the people as we've seen one hell of a bad time with Biden's first 2 months in office. I say, power to the people.

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