Blog Entry 1: What a crazy week...

Hey everybody! Welcome to RMB Capital if you are new here. This past week was one hell of a week. SPY, aka the S&P 500, couldn't seem to choose a direction it wanted to go in. We saw a heavy bounce off an old support and everybody bought the dip. SPY flew from $379 to $392 and then came right back down and hit a low of $378. The next couple of days we followed by the worst choppiness I have seen in a while. My personal belief, we head right back into a bull market if there is a bit of consolidation. The other side of that is the possibility of a horrible bear market. Bond yields skyrocketed and the market dipped, an absolute anomaly that is very rarely seen. Not only that, we saw Yellen say there was almost no inflation while also hearing that we printed seven trillion US Dollars this year, the most we printed ever in a single year. With printing more money, we usually see inflation, and at this rate, hyperinflation. However, another anomaly, Bitcoin decided to dip too, even with the positive BTC outlook from Cathie Wood. I attribute this again to Yellen, who stated that BTC was unsustainable and worthless. The majority of the world disagrees with Yellen including Visa, PayPal, Square, MicroStrategy, BlackRock, and other major institutions who have all bought a significant amount of BTC in the past two months. (Here is the giveaway for this post so I hope you read it. Send me a DM on discord with your favorite ice cream for your chance to receive a free month of the Aristocrat Role) I believe BTC will become the alternative to all standardized currency, especially with space travel being at our finger tips and cyber security being one of the fastest growing sectors in the US right now. In further news, it seems like the WallStreetBetters are back at it with GameStop and its causing a stir in the entire market. Not only that, Citron Research went back on its word AGAIN and gave a reason for why GameStop should acquire Gamble ($GMBL) and I fully agree. I mean, I personally believe GameStop has the infrastructure to be a competitor to Amazon, but it seems like they will be taking a different route. I hope you all enjoy your weekends and hopefully I see most of you in class with ProfessorX in our discord tomorrow night. #WeFindTheGems #Stocks #Investing

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